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Thai Massage and Indian Yoga are both extremely popular forms of massage therapy. Both originated in different regions of Asia. Thai massage is an ancient treatment that combines Ayurvedic and herbal techniques with physical techniques. As a Thai yoga massager, the theory of Shen lines (or principal energy lines) was also used. These are very similar to nadis according to the original philosophy.

There are numerous benefits of Thai massage. It can improve circulation, stress reduction, increased resilience, mental clarity and overall well-being. This type of massage comes with a major advantage that it can provide deep tissue massages that are highly beneficial to all organs and systems. To improve blood circulation, it makes use of the combination of gentle stretching movements, massage strokes and deep breathing techniques. Many people who have experienced it tell that their lives were changed to the better after receiving an Thai massage.

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This massage is different from traditional Chinese medicine in certain ways. Contrary to traditional Chinese medicine, which has been limited to treating illness, Thai massage seeks to stop, reduce or eradicate disease. Its aim is to improve the overall well-being and health of the body. Thai massage differs from acupuncture or yoga in that it does not concentrate on a specific organ or a specific point of the body. The goal is to treat the entire person. Many practitioners also use herbs and supplements to improve the health of their client’s system.

This Thai massage technique enhances the benefits of yoga and acupuncture. Both types of therapy utilize the application of pressure to various points to increase blood flow and open the flow energy. However, Thai massage goes one step further because the practitioner also applies stretching exercises and deep breathing techniques that increases blood circulation throughout the body.

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One of the most well-known benefits of Thai massage is the application of pressure at points known as “saganas”. Saganas are specifically designed to increase flexibility by applying pressure to specific muscles. It improves flexibility and reduces pain. It also improves motor control and strength. Additionally, it promotes the release of muscle tension that can help prevent muscles from becoming tight and sore after exercise.

Another benefit of Thai massage is that it helps improve blood circulation. This is due to stretching and strengthening of ligaments and tendon after each session. The body tears tiny pieces of soft tissue during exercises like stretching and pulling. These tears facilitate increased blood flow throughout the body, which results in more nutrients and oxygen reaching the tissues.

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Thai massage has been practiced for many years. It was first developed in Thailand and has been utilized by the Thai people for a long time. Some Thai massage practitioners began learning the art of Thai massage during schools or other training programs. Thai massage professionals learn to manipulate muscle tissue by applying gentle pressure with the elbows, hands, fingers, feet, elbows and even the scalp. Utilizing acupressure and herbal formulas, Thai massage practitioners can focus on specific areas of the body to relieve pain, stiffness and tension. Acupressure points are stimulated and trigger the body’s natural healing powers.

Other benefits of Thai massage include increasing mental awareness, helping to reduce stress, improve circulation, relaxing the mind, and creating a positive aura. Thai and Swedish massages can be done in a standalone manner or as part of other alternative or holistic treatments such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Thai massage and Chi Kung. Thai Massage therapy employs energy lines to massage the body. Some lines of energy run in a vertical direction along the legs, buttocks , and abdomen. Others are horizontally located on the shoulders, arms and faces. Other lines of energy run through the digestive system and circulatory system, the nervous system, system, immune system, and digestive system. It helps to reduce the “foggy energy fields” that are present within our bodies since energy flows freely throughout the body. This helps improve overall health and allows the body’s natural healing abilities to heal all kinds of ailments, including those that are chronic or seem mysterious.

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